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Americaís financial crisis

Since the Great Depression we have not seen the collapse of so many financial instruments and markets where the Federal Reserve could not easily reverse the course. From hybrids and synthetic securities to unrestricted lending, the banks and the brokers have led our country down a desolate path. The blame goes beyond the banks and brokers to the consumer as well as the big institutional investors.

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Wake Up America: The Financial Crisis is over!
Since the approval of the rescue plan by the U.S Government, America needs a boost of confidence. Government leaders, the Media and Financial leaders should think positively and should convey that in their commentary to the American people.

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Itís Not a Credit Crunch, Itís a Lending Crisis
For any financial bubble to end, it needs to be popped. Artificially stalling the bursting of a financial bubble creates an even bigger problem. The players who were involved have to take their medicine.

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