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Solutions for the worlds problems

 Finding solutions to the world's problems

Welcome to Funnel Ideas
Funnel Ideas is about the exchange of information between individuals and the powers who can actually make change happen. Find the solution and make it visible!
Funnel Ideas is a place for you to share your solution on different issues as well as comment other people's solutions. If this is your first time, don't worry; we have a little guide for you...
The Monetizing of Facebook
On the cusp of the pricing and issuance of their initial public offering, one might wonder how to monetize this phenom.
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Digital Music Distribution
Media & Entertainment
The battle between file-sharing and the music industry.
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Obesity in America
Americans are facing an ever increasing waistline.
Read about Obesity in America Read it »

What happened to Hillary’s lead?
US Politics
Primaries show Hillary is neck and neck with Obama.
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Text messages
Cell phone text messages language has become the pig Latin of today's generation.
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Home Depot: Why Are You Failing?
Home Depot has lost sight of how to run a store properly.
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The Water Crisis
More than half of the earth’s population could be living in severe water shortage areas by 2032.
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America’s financial crisis
America is going through a financial crisis that dwarfs everything in its past except for maybe the Great Depression.
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Our addiction to fossil fuels
The U.S and the World are totally dependent on just a few countries for their oil supply.
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Russia’s Communism gone but not forgotten
World Affairs
Russia enters a new phase in its governing body.
Read about Russia’s Communism gone but not forgotten Read it »

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The big picture of the energy issue is multiple
Our addiction to fossil fuels
Moving towards alternate fuel sources will create competition for the world oil market and reduce the cost of oil. To fix the energy problem and create a greener environment, we need action from governments, corporations and private investors.

Wake Up America: The Financial Crisis is over!
America’s financial crisis
Since the approval of the rescue plan by the U.S Government, America needs a boost of confidence. Government leaders, the Media and Financial leaders should think positively and should convey that in their commentary to the American people.

Accounting for healthcare costs in a computerized world
The Healthcare cost is out of control
Before a comprehensive government healthcare program can be created, we need to standardize accounting with a cost management system.

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Pollution crisis
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